• Area of application: Outdoor installation

    Details: In mining industry the conveyor belt is the most essential machine for transportation of the gathered material. These conveyor belts are loaded with heavy material, often installed in difficult environmental conditions and must always function to keep the mine running.
    Here Hensel products are the correct choice to secure the electrotechnical installation and continuous production processes.

  • Object: Mining plant in Poland

    Area of application: Outdoor installation

    Details: Some mines must gather the material from underground. Here not only the reliability of the production process is important but also the maintainance of other functions like air con- ditioning, electric light, lifts etc. are vital to allow people to work under these conditions. To indicate an important switch, here the transparent lid of the ENYMOD system was coloured from the inside, so that the polycarbonate material protects the marking.

  • Object: Mining plant in China

    Area of application: Outdoor installation

    Details: The power supply on mines is vital to keep the production processes running. Especially for the work underground the electrical energy must continously be available. Extra generators secure the power supply in case the regular power supply would be switched off. The disrtribution board for this important generator is made out of the modular ENYMOD system to increase the security for this vital Iinstallation.

  • Object: Cole mine in the Czech Republic

    Area of application: Installation in dust, dirt and humidity

    Details: In this coal mine ENYMOD is used for the secure housing of push buttons and indication lights. The modular systems allows the combination of different boxes. The polycarbonate material offers a protection class II insulation which is important in such areas with coal dust, dirt and humidity.

  • Object: Zinc mine in Poland

    Area of application: Installation in dust and dirt

    Details: In this zinc mine the distribution board is exposed extremly to dust and dirt.
    The modular ENYMOD system allows to open only small parts of the distribution board if necassary, while the rest of the distribution board remains closed and protected. Since the ENYMOD distribution boards replaced the former sheet steel solutions, the number of faillures with main contactors were dramatically reduced, as no dirt desturbed their functionality anymore.

  • Object: Wind turbine manufactury in India

    Area of application: Indoor installation

    Details: Hensel products can be installed in almost every industry where heavy-duty and high quality are required. In this modern wind turbine manufactury in India, the choice was made for Mi distribution boards as a reliable, corrosion resistant and flexible distribution board system.
    The required CEE sockets were easily fixed to the system.

  • Object: Cleaning maschines in oil production, Kuwait

    Area of application: Outdoor instalation (in the desert)

    Details: Oil production needs reliable and efficient maschinery. Co weatherford uses Hensel Mi boxes with hinges on its cleaning maschines. These maschines are used worldwide in difficult surroundings. The maschines on the picture are used in the Kuwait desert. Mi boxes in degree of protection IP 65 are UV resistant, dust- and impact-proof and with this protection secure the functionality of the machine.

  • Object: Terminals for loading and unloading oil- and gas products, India / Dubai

    Area of application: Outdoor instalation

    Details: Pipelines, tank ships and trains are the most common solutions for the transportation of oil and gas products over long distances. Pipelines need pumping stations to keep up the pressure along their route, ships and trains need on shore terminals for loading and unloading. The power supply for these functions must be reliable and efficient as time is money. Here ENYMOD is often used for smaller distribution boards for outdoor installations (harsh environment and/or outdoors) to secure the functioning of the pumps, for the power supply at a shore terminal and for the distribution of complete production sites. The modular systems allows the use of a single box up to a huge distribution board assembly.
    Metering of liquids, energy, pressure and other parameters is essential in the oil and gas industry. The Mi system offers the ideal enclosures for this application with transparent lids, corrosion resistant and insulated enclosures, the possibility to combine several KWH meters within one board and to install the boxes outdoors with a degree of protection IP 65 and UV resistant material.

  • Object: Refinerie in Poland

    Area of application: Outdoor instalation

    Details: The crude oil needs to be refined in so called refineries. Here the power supply of all kind of users outside the hazerdous areas can be realized with Hensel products. Often the installation is situated decentralized and in the open field. Here only good material can be applied to keep the processes running.

  • Object: The pumping stations for Consumer, Czech Republic / India

    Area of application: Outdoor instalation

    Details: After production, transportation and refinary, finally the oil products like for instance gasoline must be made available to the clients and end users. Petrol stations offer special pumps that allow to fill up tanks. The pumping stations need power supply for the pumps, the light-ing and other equipment like car-wash and camera installations etc. Hensel offers different customized solutions for the the power distribution at petrols stations.

  • Object: Zementindustrie, Indien

    Area of application: Installation in one of the most dusty and difficult environments

    Details: The cement industry offers one of the most dusty and difficult environments for electrical installations. The Mi system offers a perfect solution with the IP 65 dust-proof and high impact-proof (IK 08) polycarbonate enclosure system with modular lids that allow to open selected compartments only, while the rest of the distribution board remains safely closed and covered.

  • Object: Chemical Industry, Czech Republic

    Area of application: Outdoor installation

    Details: The chemical industry often requires local power distribution solutions.
    To supply the decentralized motors, pumps, valves, lights etc. the modular Mi system offers a very good solution as it can be easily adapted to the local needs. The outdoor installation in the open field is no trouble whatsoever as the Mi System is UV and corrosion resistant, dust-proof, protected against water jets and impact-proof.

  • Object: Clothing factory in India

    Area of application: Indoor installation

    Details: By the manufacturing of textiles and yarn, a good dust proof enclosure is essential. This textile factory in India choose Hensel Mi distribution boards mainly for this reason to secure the production and to have peace of mind about the electrical installation.

  • Area of application: Indoor installation

    Details: Hensel enclosures are ideal for many applications in industry. Although originally designed for the distribution of electrical power, the benefits and features of the enclosure opens also the use for other technical applications. In this factory the Mi enclosure is used for the pneumatics filter installation for the high pressure air supply. The transparent lid allows the control from the outside and the expensive equipment is safely covered in an IP 65 enclosure.

  • Object: Construction board panels on construction sites like building, road constructions, tunnels etc.

    Area of application: Outdoor installation

    Details: Construction board panels focus on a market which is interesting both in the Hensel Mi system and CEE plugs and sockets. The combination of high quality Mi boxes and CEE sockets is very popular for construction board panels. These panels are being used at construction sites, e.g. for buildings, road constructions, tunnels etc. Here many of the typical Mi qualities are required like high IP rating, very solid material, isolated material. Combined with a metal frame both for mobile installation and protection an ideal solution is ready for use.

  • Object: Runway of an airport in India

    Area of application: Outdoor installation

    Details: On airports electrical installations must function in order to keep the air traffic going. High-quality products like this Mi System used on the runway of an airport, fullfill these requirements. The impact- and corrosion-proof material is a very good alternative to expensive special metal solutions. Standard sheet steel solutions will rust away sooner or later.

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    Object: Telecommunications in the Ukraine

    Area of application: Outdoor installation

    Details: „Mobile phone” is no more to be excluded from our everyday life. The western market seems already nearly satisfied and the mobile phone providers now concentrate on the developing countries. Almost in any place of the world, you will see people using mobile phones! Telecommunication today is a basic social component and demands a tight Network of Telecommunication antennas. The power supply of these installations is often situated outdoors and requires dust-, water- and impact-proof enclosures.
    Ideal for the ENYMOD and ENYSTAR enclosure systems.

  • Object: Water treatment and sewage plants in China

    Area of application: Outdoor installation

    Details: Water is essential for the life of each human being. The need for clean water is dramatically increasing and requires water treatment and sewage plants.
    The electrical installation in these plants are often decentralised and some areas produce aggressive gases. The Mi system made of polycarbonate comply with these problems and offer an ideal solution for this kind of installations.

  • Object: Substation in Malysia

    Area of application: Outdoor installation

    Details: Enclosures of the Mi system used as junction boxes on an electric power transforming substation in Malaisia. The combination of different sizes of Mi enclosures allowed the contractor to adapt the size of the required junction boxes to his special needs. The high degree of protection IP 65 and the corrosion-proof and UV resistant material allow an outdoor installation.

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    Object: Metro Stations of Nanjin and Tjan Jin, China

    Area of application: Outdoor installation

    Details: The good experiences of Hensel equipment used for the Metro Stations in Nanjin, convinced the responsible people in Tjan Jin to use these high quality products for their new Underground as well. For the office building, maintenance service halls and passenger-stations more than 1500 boxes have been installed to secure the traffic in this growing city in China. For the electrical installation hundreds of cable junction boxes have been used. Hensel products are in use, not only for the power distribution, but also to secure the functionality of the air-conditioning, railway signalling system, lighting and to supply the public information boards.

  • Object: Waste water treatment plant in Danzig, Poland

    Area of application: Outdoor installation

    Details: The application in a waste water treatment plant is a very typical and popular application for Mi Power distribution boards as most of the special features like, solid enclosures, waterproof, corrosion resistant, total isolation are needed in such difficult surroundings. As part of a big investment sewage treatment project in Gdansk, Poland, Mi distribution boards are installed:

    - outdoors: IP 65 Mi low-voltage switchgear assemblies up to 630 A
    - indoors: IP 54 KV boxes for electrical power supply and
    - special application: Mi boxes with built-in electronic devices for control and measurement tasks inside the whole sewage treatment project.

  • Object: Harbour in Southeast Asia

    Area of application: Outdoor installation

    Details: Modern harbours in Southeast Asia are an important part of the supply chain to and from Europe and Asia. In this harbout energy is required on several places. For this application the customer selected the Hensel Mi System. The outdoor installation and salty atmosphere require corrosion resistant and safe distribution boards like Mi distribution boards.

  • Object: Harbour in Nansha, China

    Area of application: Outdoor installation

    Details: During their stay on shore, cool containers need a power supply to keep the cold chain alive. In this harbour in Nansha, China, Mi distribution boards are installed for the electrical power supply and protection of the many CEE sockets that are required. The agressive salty and humid air, the dust, the outdoor installation and the hard surrounding in a harbour are exactly the conditions where the Mi System is the best and most efficient solution compared to any other metal solution.

  • Object: Car park in the Czech Republic

    Area of application: Indoor installation

    Details: Indoor installation of the Mi System combined with CEE sockets in a car park in the Czech Republic. The power supply and the protection of the conductors are combined in one enclosure with a CEE socket.

  • Object: Residential buildings in China

    Area of application: Geschützte Installation im Freien

    Details: For the metering of the electrical consumption of the different apartments in this domestic building in China the Mi KWH meter boards offer the ideal solution:

    - many KWH meters can be installed inside these modular enclosure system
    - transparent lids allow to read the KWH meters without opening the enclosures
    - high impact-proof and corrosion resistant material
    - dust- and moisture-proof enclosures in IP 65; insulated enclosures (protection class II)

    The number of KWH meters can be extended according to the individual demand.

  • Object: KWH Meter boards in Turkey

    Area of application: Outdoor installation

    Details: KWH Meter boards are popular for indoor, outdoor and harsh environment installations.The transparent lids are UV resistant, which enables the customer to read the KWH meter without opening the boxes. The Mi System passed the 960°C glow-wire test, is flame resistant and self-extinguishing. These properties are important for public buildings where many people are present.

  • Object: University buildings in India

    Area of application: Outdoor installation

    Details: These Mi distribution boards are mounted back-to-back to supply the different buildings of an university in India and offers a superb space saving solution. The features of the Mi System allow the outdoor installation. The roof protects the components inside the Mi enclosures against UV radiation and also gives a nice design.


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