• Object: Steel Factory in Inda

    Area of application: Outdoor Installation

    Details: Outdoor installation at a steel factory with DK and Mi products. Some of the boxes are used with push buttons and indication lights. The installation was done in India with armoured cable and metal glands to secure the earth connections according to British Standard installation directive.

  • Object: Chemical plant in Romania

    Area of application: Outdoor installtion in aggressive environment

    Details: In a chemical plant, this KF cable junction box is used for the control of the pumps. KF cable junction boxes are suitable for this outdoor installation as they are made of fibre-glass reinforced polycarbonate ensuring a high impact strength and resistance to external influences. The degree of protection IP 66 is ideal for this application while at the same time the corrosion- and UV resistant boxes offer a high protection for the staff as they are made from insulated material.

  • Object: Street lieghting installation in India

    Area of application: Outdoor installation

    Details: New roads need new lighting installations. A fast and efficient way for the connection of the light poles to the power supply is the use of light pole boxes, which are very popular in India. Here the incoming and outgoing cable is directly mounted on the standard terminals. The supply for the pole is tapped off from these terminals and through the back of the box the cable is connected with the pole.

  • Object: Underground and car tunnel installation in Stockholm, Sweden

    Details: New infrastructure often needs new train tracks, underground and car tunnels. Beside the standard installation in tunnels, that require good products, also the safety of people and installations in the event of fire is a big topic. In the event of fire FK cable junction boxes ensure functional integrity so that the emergency power supply remains operational for up to 90 minutes. Installations with so called functional integrity, like in this underground tunnel in Stockholm increase the reliable power supply in the event of fire.

  • Object: Power plant in Malaysia

    Area of application: Outdoor installation

    Details: Outdoor installation with KF cable junction boxes in a power plant. The combination of electrical installation and water installation is a concrete example for the competence of Hensel products in rough applications.

  • Object: Offshore Application in Thailand

    Area of application: Outdoor installation „weatherproof“

    Details: On ships some products like cable junction boxes need extra approvals due to their vital function within the installation. Hensel KF (IP 66) and KD (IP 66/IP 67) cable junction boxes were approved both by VDE and DNV. The Hensel cable junction boxes were the first products in Europe that passed the VDE test according to the new IEC regulations.

  • Object: Offshore Applications

    Area of application: Outdoor installation „weatherproof“

    Details: Modern passenger ships are like swimming villages today. Beside the passenger and staff cabines, other areas like restaurants, shopping centers, cinemas, bars, parkings, stocks etc. need a reliable and secure electrical installation. A big issue on ships is the weight. With polycarbonate cable junction boxes with degree of protection up to IP 67 Hensel helps the ship owner to save energy. In average the weight on a ship of this size can be reduced by approximately 1000 kg, which saves the owner over 250.000 litre of petrol during the 30 year life span of the ship.

  • Object: Power plant in China

    Area of application: Indoor installation

    Details: The cable junction boxes with high IP rating (IP 54-IP 67) are often used in damp and humid surroundings like in this installation in a basement.

  • Object: Public address system in the UK

    Area of application: Outdoor installation with KF-boxes

    Details: Outdoor installation with KF cable junction boxes. Not only for standard electrical installations but also for outdoor cameras, indications or like here for loudspeakers, the ideal solution. KF cable junction boxes are UV-, impact- and corrosion resistant as well as dust-proof and protected against water jets and the most popular cable junction box for the application in outdoor installations.

  • Object: Wash rooms on a marina in the UK

    Area of application: Indoor Installation

    Details: The combination of Hensel DK cable junction boxes with the trunking system for the electrical installations offers a high quality technical solution with a good design for these wash rooms on a marina in the United Kingdom.


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