Residential and non residential buildings

Hensel products are used in residential and non-residential buildings mainly because of the many small features that make life easier for the contractor, the high IP ratings, the trans-parent lids and the modularity of the systems.

  • Object: Power plant in China

    Area of application: Indoor installation

    Details: The cable junction boxes with high IP rating (IP 54-IP 67) are often used in damp and humid surroundings like in this installation in a basement.

  • Object: Public address system in the UK

    Area of application: Outdoor installation with KF-boxes

    Details: Outdoor installation with KF cable junction boxes. Not only for standard electrical installations but also for outdoor cameras, indications or like here for loudspeakers, the ideal solution. KF cable junction boxes are UV-, impact- and corrosion resistant as well as dust-proof and protected against water jets and the most popular cable junction box for the application in outdoor installations.

  • Object: Wash rooms on a marina in the UK

    Area of application: Indoor Installation

    Details: The combination of Hensel DK cable junction boxes with the trunking system for the electrical installations offers a high quality technical solution with a good design for these wash rooms on a marina in the United Kingdom.

  • Object: Enclosure for a automatic school bell in India

    Area of application: Indoor installation

    Details: Hensel enclosures are used for all kind of different applications. This company choose the KG enclosure for a solid solution used in schools. The automatic school bell can be switched from auto-main with a switch mounted in the lid of the box. The small PLC is safely covered in the IP 54 enclosure and can be read from the outside through the transparent lid. Adjustments can be done by opening the hinged lid which can be sealed additionally.

  • Object: Bank in Moskau

    Area of application: Indoor installation

    Details: In a Bank in Moskow these KV distribution boards are installed neatly together to supply the installation of the different departments. Together with the good technical quality of the KV distribution boards also the nice design was convincing the customer to choose Hensel.

  • Object: Hotel kitchen, Maldives

    Area of application: Indoor installation

    Details: The damp atmosphere and regular cleaning procedures in this hotel kitchen require good and solid solutions in an appealing design like KV in degree of protection IP 65.

  • Object: Car park in the Czech Republic

    Area of application: Indoor installation

    Details: Indoor installation of the Mi System combined with CEE sockets in a car park in the Czech Republic. The power supply and the protection of the conductors are combined in one enclosure with a CEE socket.

  • Object: Residential buildings in China

    Area of application: Geschützte Installation im Freien

    Details: For the metering of the electrical consumption of the different apartments in this domestic building in China the Mi KWH meter boards offer the ideal solution:

    - many KWH meters can be installed inside these modular enclosure system
    - transparent lids allow to read the KWH meters without opening the enclosures
    - high impact-proof and corrosion resistant material
    - dust- and moisture-proof enclosures in IP 65; insulated enclosures (protection class II)

    The number of KWH meters can be extended according to the individual demand.

  • Object: KWH Meter boards in Turkey

    Area of application: Outdoor installation

    Details: KWH Meter boards are popular for indoor, outdoor and harsh environment installations.The transparent lids are UV resistant, which enables the customer to read the KWH meter without opening the boxes. The Mi System passed the 960°C glow-wire test, is flame resistant and self-extinguishing. These properties are important for public buildings where many people are present.

  • Object: University buildings in India

    Area of application: Outdoor installation

    Details: These Mi distribution boards are mounted back-to-back to supply the different buildings of an university in India and offers a superb space saving solution. The features of the Mi System allow the outdoor installation. The roof protects the components inside the Mi enclosures against UV radiation and also gives a nice design.


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