Products used on ships, ship-yards, harbours, marinas, fish farms, offshore etc. must be made of excellent material as they are beeing used in extreme environmental conditions.
On ships only specified and tested products are allowed to be installed for specific electrical installations. Insurance companies like DNV (Det Norske Veritas) and others give an extra approval to these specified products. Hensel offers a range of products for this branch.

  • Object: Offshore Application in Thailand

    Area of application: Outdoor installation „weatherproof“

    Details: On ships some products like cable junction boxes need extra approvals due to their vital function within the installation. Hensel KF (IP 66) and KD (IP 66/IP 67) cable junction boxes were approved both by VDE and DNV. The Hensel cable junction boxes were the first products in Europe that passed the VDE test according to the new IEC regulations.

  • Object: Offshore Applications

    Area of application: Outdoor installation „weatherproof“

    Details: Modern passenger ships are like swimming villages today. Beside the passenger and staff cabines, other areas like restaurants, shopping centers, cinemas, bars, parkings, stocks etc. need a reliable and secure electrical installation. A big issue on ships is the weight. With polycarbonate cable junction boxes with degree of protection up to IP 67 Hensel helps the ship owner to save energy. In average the weight on a ship of this size can be reduced by approximately 1000 kg, which saves the owner over 250.000 litre of petrol during the 30 year life span of the ship.

  • Object: Marina in Denmark

    Area of application: Outdoor installation

    Details: Marinas also need local electrical power installations so that leisure boats can load up their batteries and use the power supply from land during their stay in the marina. Interesting here is that the sheet steel box already lost its doors but thanks to the protection class II and the insulated KV distribution boards there is no danger for the sailors.

  • Object: Harbour in Southeast Asia

    Area of application: Outdoor installation

    Details: Modern harbours in Southeast Asia are an important part of the supply chain to and from Europe and Asia. In this harbout energy is required on several places. For this application the customer selected the Hensel Mi System. The outdoor installation and salty atmosphere require corrosion resistant and safe distribution boards like Mi distribution boards.

  • Object: Harbour in Nansha, China

    Area of application: Outdoor installation

    Details: During their stay on shore, cool containers need a power supply to keep the cold chain alive. In this harbour in Nansha, China, Mi distribution boards are installed for the electrical power supply and protection of the many CEE sockets that are required. The agressive salty and humid air, the dust, the outdoor installation and the hard surrounding in a harbour are exactly the conditions where the Mi System is the best and most efficient solution compared to any other metal solution.


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