Mining is a field of industry under special and difficult conditions, sometimes even under ground. Security, reliability, heavy-duty, high IP ratings are basic requirements for most of the products used in the mining sector. No wonder that Hensel products are often used here.

  • Area of application: Outdoor installation

    Details: In mining industry the conveyor belt is the most essential machine for transportation of the gathered material. These conveyor belts are loaded with heavy material, often installed in difficult environmental conditions and must always function to keep the mine running.
    Here Hensel products are the correct choice to secure the electrotechnical installation and continuous production processes.

  • Object: Mining plant in Poland

    Area of application: Outdoor installation

    Details: Some mines must gather the material from underground. Here not only the reliability of the production process is important but also the maintainance of other functions like air con- ditioning, electric light, lifts etc. are vital to allow people to work under these conditions. To indicate an important switch, here the transparent lid of the ENYMOD system was coloured from the inside, so that the polycarbonate material protects the marking.

  • Object: Mining plant in China

    Area of application: Outdoor installation

    Details: The power supply on mines is vital to keep the production processes running. Especially for the work underground the electrical energy must continously be available. Extra generators secure the power supply in case the regular power supply would be switched off. The disrtribution board for this important generator is made out of the modular ENYMOD system to increase the security for this vital Iinstallation.

  • Object: Cole mine in the Czech Republic

    Area of application: Installation in dust, dirt and humidity

    Details: In this coal mine ENYMOD is used for the secure housing of push buttons and indication lights. The modular systems allows the combination of different boxes. The polycarbonate material offers a protection class II insulation which is important in such areas with coal dust, dirt and humidity.

  • Object: Zinc mine in Poland

    Area of application: Installation in dust and dirt

    Details: In this zinc mine the distribution board is exposed extremly to dust and dirt.
    The modular ENYMOD system allows to open only small parts of the distribution board if necassary, while the rest of the distribution board remains closed and protected. Since the ENYMOD distribution boards replaced the former sheet steel solutions, the number of faillures with main contactors were dramatically reduced, as no dirt desturbed their functionality anymore.


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